Thursday, February 5, 2015

I got my AS level 4 October 2013 and 4A * for my graduation in may 2014. I have one of the 4 topic is chemistry. My character is 96% the rate of the chemical as a uniformrate and the rate of 93%. You will know how to be a guest on the US and the A-levelchemistry? Here I give you control tips for as and a level chemistry

1 study tips -If your teachers in teaching classes, make sure what your teacher says. Make sure that you understand that everything from teachers to teach. If you don't understand something, your question a teacher or your friends. 

2. Please read carefully all the options question. Question paper write a rough power as you want. They considered as definitely cancel the wrong choices. Then choose thebest answer from the choices. 

3. When replying to the questions and all the information carefully. Make sure that youknow what to ask. Answer the basic questions of knowledge and insight into eachtopic in chemistry. Some of the questions may be able to test multiple themes. For any questions please contact may be what you've learned in chemistry, to answer them.You have to learn something and thinking you are dealing with the question, what.You can also request your own opinion. 

4. For study questions and all the information carefully. Make sure that you understand the experiment is given. Specific parts of the question need to record a lectureexperiment in the table. You need to pull the table before running the test, so youimmediately Your lecture on the table during the trial record. Then, the experimentwas done by You the steps that are provided in the right questions. You want to applypractical skills in chemistry in carrying out the experiment. 

5 -When replying to the questions and all the information carefully. Make sure you understand the experiment and wondering what questions to know. Answer the questions and observations of the experiments and results. You need Your skills in chemical experiment is to answer a few questions. Specific questions that you may need, to answer Your knowledge and understanding of chemistry. In addition, you can give your own opinion. Your answers must be specifically and not too common toeach question. The best answer to the question.


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